Sunday, May 17, 2009

"Trapped Cat"

"Trapped Cat" aka suicidal 50 yof. We received a 911 call from the husband of this individual. He gave the usual shpeel and we asked the usual questions. The officer arrived in the area to which we asked if he was code 4. His response was a quick key-up of his mic to which we heard a cut-off high-pitched-screech in the background. Another officer quickly checked 10-23 and another unit was asked his ETA. The first officer on scene told us he was code 4 and it was code 4 for medical to respond in (or at least that's what we though he said but couldn't really hear it over the female yelling, "I'm in hannnnnndcuuuuufffffs!"), so we verified with the officer that it was ok for the ambulance crew to respond in. And it was. Here's what happened:

Sorry about that last call, crazy lady jumped out a window and wanted to run
We did hear her self-proclaimed "I'm in handcuffs!" over the air
never seen a 50 year old in [her undees] jump out a window to run
me neither
when she went to open the window i was like, she isnt going to run is she...........oh she is lol
ah, to be a fly on the wall
Ok, so I need a play by play... SOOO, you pull up and....
We will have to show you the video
Went inside she was in the bedroom. I introduced myself and asked if we could talk. She looked like a trapped cat and started to open the window. At which she proceeded to jump. I jumped out behind her and she was screaming "Dont touch me!" So I did and grabbed her by the arm, she dug into my other arm so she went to the ground and handcuffs were put on.
k, I'm showing you 10-6 and 10-17 to here with the video, ha ha


There I was. Next thing I know, we get a call from a 10-96 female who can't tell us where she is and is just saying she needs some "f---ing help, I'm sitting on the f---ing curb and I'm waiting for an f---ing cop" but there was one little problem - we didn't know where she was. She had originally given us an address and an officer was in the area checking for her but couldn't find her because she wasn't giving the right address. I told her since she was sitting on the corner, to look up at the street signs and read to me the nukbers she she saw (so we could verify her location and get an officer there STAT!). After a short pause she said, "STOP. It says STOP." She started to cry telling me about how her husband wasn't answering her calls and wasn't returning her messages. Since she was a little whacked out, I asked her if she had taken any meds today. She said everything that she intakes turns into chemicals so she wouldn't be able to list off all the chemicals in her body since she had eaten 1 1/2 meals this morning. Then I asked her if she had done any drugs today. She said she didn't so I asked he again in a different way because I most almost 100% sure that she had. "Did you shoot up with anything today, do you do heroin, cocaine, meth....?" She said she had some Camel cigarettes this morning and they said "Turkish Blend" on the front. One of the girls sitting in the room said "100's or lights?", to which I willingly asked my new friend (since she definitely wouldn't catch on anyways). She got confused, changed the subject and then... my 2nd new friend (the responding officer) showed up. I asked her to hand the phone to him to make sure he was really there. He was. And the rest is history. Until she calls in next week.

Thursday, May 14, 2009


So Questar called into dispatch to let us know that they were going to be releasing pressure out a line in [a local city] area and that it was going to be loud and possibly an odor that comes with it.

Well all my co-workers started reading it and brought to my attention to read it again and think about it real hard. You do the same!!!

Friday, May 8, 2009

Cruel Prank

I had to post this joke that I pulled while I was just barely off of training. I was working with a dispatcher who had been hired at the same time I was. I was working a 4 hour shift in the morning. During this time, the other new call taker received a report of a YAK running at large. I decided that this was likely a llama, because well....I have never seen a yak in our area before. After several people had given this dispatcher a hard time, and after the animal control officer responded and confirmed it was a llama, my shift was over. I decided to go work at the fire station, and came up with this GREAT idea. I thought it would be great fun to have my friend call dispatch to report a missing yak. He calls in, and actually speaks with the call taker who took the missing yak report. He proceeds to tell the dispatcher the area that it was lost in which was within about a 1 mile radius. He sounded very sincere and distraught. He even came up with a name for the yak. "Can you help me find my yak? I'm very worried. His name is YIPEE." Well the dispatcher told my friend that she had received a call of a found yak earlier in the day, and my buddy gave off the aura of glee in his voice. Then came the part where he told her that I had put him up to this prank. She came uncorked on him, and then he put me on the phone. I remember hearing a "SHAME ON YOU" remark, and a few other choice phrases, before she hung up. The next time I saw her at work I apologized for upsetting her, and she told me she thought it was funny. I think I may have done her in though....she quit the next week.

Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Regarding an Ambulance ...

"Sir, We can't just magically get them there ... "

Sunday, May 3, 2009


"weinerschultel" (The correct pronunciation for this word sounds like weiner shuttle)

Used in sentence..."I need some cash to buy tickets for the weinerschultel."

It's actually a quick spelling for the hot dog restuarant, but we thought it would be fun to post.

Saturday, May 2, 2009

Drive Thru Traffic Stop

Okay so since no one else is going to post this one of the American Fork Officers did a 10-60 aka traffic stop. Well he said that they would be pulling into the parking lot of Burger King. Okay that is routine enough. Then he said well we will be pulling into the Drive Thru at Burger King.

A long way from Boston

A younger male called 911 and advised he was being chased through the wilderness by someone. I asked him where he started into the wilderness from and he said "Boston".
When I asked who was chasing him, he said it was his therapist. (this just keeps getting better)
He didn't know where he was because he wasn't from Le-Hee.
He finally revealed that he was hiding behind a house across from a gas station.
(Maybe if your from Boston, downtown [city] is the wilderness)

It turns out he wasn't quite as crazy as I originally thought. He had been taken from his bedroom in Boston that morning to an outreach wilderness program in [city].

Boy, is he gonna be surprised when he sees what they really meant by wilderness.

Too Much SPANDEX!!

So today we got a call up Provo Canyon at Bridal Veil Falls report of an assault. The RP is taking his dog for a walk and the suspect is a biker (no not the motorcycle kind either). As I am taking the detail and asking all the routine questions about what the suspect is wearing, which way is he heading, etc. Well as I was getting the clothing description all my co-workers are listening to me repeat what he is telling me. He told me that the suspect was wearing an orange tank and black spandex shorts and his friend was wearing a blue spandex shirt and black spandex shorts. Well one of my co-workers thought I had said an orange cape and black spandex on, so she thought that some guy had jumped out of the bushes and just started beating on a guy. They were trying to get me to ask if he had a turban on.

Today has just been one of those days for calls. Is it a Full Moon????


Dispatch received a call from an ambulance in our jursidiction. They asked us to contact a tow truck to assist them in getting their ambulance out of the mud. The ambulance happened to be in another city. We created a detail to attach the wrecker to, and in the meantime an officer of that particular city saw the information on his mobile terminal. Stated he would respond if they needed assistance. I told the officer that we just needed the detail to attach the wrecker to, and I would be cancelling it out. The officer says "10-4," and then keys his mic up again and says, "hasn't anyone told them that ambulances aren't 4 wheel drive"??? After I composed myself again, I keyed up and said "I don't believe they have been told, but I will relay the message." Good times!


DISPATCHER: 911 What is the address of your emergency?

CALLER: Okay, I am not drunk, I am not high, I am not crazy?
(By this time I was thinking GREEEAAAAT!!)

DISPATCHER: Okay, what is the address?

CALLER: It is up the Canyon...

DISPATCHER: Where up the Canyon?

CALLER: About a mile above the Campground on the main road

DISPATCHER: What is the problem?

CALLER: Well.......there is a male and a female in the road.

DISPATCHER: Okay, what are they doing.

CALLER: Well the male is riding the female across the road and I am afraid that they are going
to get hit.

DISPATCHER: He is doing what?

CALLER: The female is down on all fours and the male is riding her like a horse across the road.

DISPATCHER: Okay......So what are they wearing?

CALLER: Well the female is dressed in all black and

DISPATCHER: Okay and what is the male dressed in?

CALLER: Weeellll......he has a colorful turban and a whip.

DISPATCHER: He is wearing what?????

CALLER: He has a colorful turban and a whip in his hand.

DISPATCHER: Okay sir we will get a deputy up there as soon as we can.

This happened end of September beginning of October of last year. I still get razzed about it to this day.

Great RP of the day!

Dispatcher "911 what's the address of your emergency"?
Dispatcher "Where are you now"?
RP "[caller says where she's at]"
Dispatcher "I have officers in [that city], I need to know where you are."
RP "Just send them to [where I am]...I want this guy in trouble"
Dispatcher "you want me to just send an officer to [where you are]."
RP "Yes this guy is harassing me and it's bull shit."
Dispatcher "I can't just have the officers hope to find you, I need and address"
RP gives address
RP to Suspect "I called the cops, now you're gonna be in trouble"
RP "Fine I'm going to WalMart" CLICK

Friday, May 1, 2009

Funny sayings from today.

"I left my crystal ball in my other pants."
"I am a resident in my neighborhood." REALLY????